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About Us

The Turner Learning Center

The Turner Learning Center (TLC) was founded in 2003 by Frank and Marina Duchêne. Their goal was to provide a structured and long term solution for their children’s English language learning.

They were looking for 4 criteria:

- That their children spoke English fluently by the time they were 18.
- That their children’s English teachers be qualified and professional.
- That their children still followed the French education system to create deep social ties.
- That their children’s English language learning be easily measureable against internationally renowned and independant criteria so as to allow them to monitor their progress with no surprises.

What are the CEFR levels ?

The acronym C.E.F.R. stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It was designed to make language knowledge quantifiable, put in boxes and labeled by level.

Listening comprehension
Oral expression
Reading comprehension
Writing expression