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About Us

At TLC we believe in empowering our teachers

TLC has been teaching English as a second language for over 17 years in Paris with the objective of bringing their students to proficiency when they are 18.Today we have over 650 students that learn English in a variety of settings by over 60 teachers. Most of our students range from the age of 6-18 and stay with TLC for over 10 years, however some have opted for a one to one face to face setting in the comforts of their home, others a one to one setting with our online platform or even some to learn English in a group setting for primary students organized by age and CEFR level (to offer optimal teaching and learning) on our premises . With the LOCK DOWN these group class setting for primary students were obliged to be transferred to an online solution and as a result TLC will be offering this for primary students as of September 2020.

To achieve such high standards in English we have developed over 25 courses, that our students have access to depending on their present level and next learning objectives. Every course has its clear learning objectives, its pedagogical support for both teachers and students as well as the outcomes expected per level.

We have also offer teacher training for our teachers and spend a lot of time helping them achieve their teaching goals. This training is set up in such a way that teachers over a three-year period can see their understanding their teaching roles and maybe ready to move from Teacher to Qualified Teacher and then Lead Teacher. The more ambitious ones could also be Center Managers, but this is for the future. Our dream is to open centers all around Paris or even France.

What does an average TLC teacher schedule look like?

TLC Teachers can teach anywhere from 5 to 30 hours a week depending on their teaching experience, the availabilities in their schedule to teach, as well as their ability to handle the preparation.

An average schedule for a TLC teacher would see them teaching around 12 hours a week during three weeks ever month. During the school academic year calendar, teachers do not work during the midterms. In France students are always off two weeks for the Toussaint break (end of October first week in November), two weeks at Christmas, two weeks end of February for winter break and two weeks around Easter.

They would be teaching courses around the same CEFR level. That is, teachers may be teaching A1 A2 and B1 courses, where as another teacher may be teaching B1 B2 and C1 students. This is designed for three main reasons:

Ensure teachers can plan their classes effectively and not spend time planning. Every good teacher knows a good lesson could take hours of prep!!! We have reduced this by providing the curriculum already subdivided into medium term plans so that planning is manageable.

The different roles of a TLC teacher:

The Planning role

This involves taking the time to look at your students’ profile. See how they will be able to learn the learning intentions outlined in the Medium-Term Plan by taking into account their learning needs.

The Teaching role

This involves monitoring how you deliver your lessons and reflect on what could be improved, keeping in mind that a TLC teacher is always a role model.

The Coaching role:

This involves preparing your students to validate their English language lesson. Since it takes on average 2 years to move up one CEFR level, many of our students could be validating their English language learning at the end of the year. This means as teachers you must be familiar with the different expectations of the CEFR level, the exams they will be preparing and setting and monitoring exam prep.

The Admin role

This involves reporting on your classes in every class, making sure that the classes you were supposed to teach you taught and reported on in a timely manner, ensure that you complete 5 forms in class during the academic year to inform the parents, TLC Head Teacher and students of their progress. Have a meeting with TLC Qualified or Lead teacher to discuss each student’s situation and progress.

The different types of jobs available as a teacher at TLC:


Teacher: This involves teaching in an ONLINE in a one to one setting. The students are between 10 and 18+. TLC HOME ONLINE teachers teach the same CEFR to all their students. They will have online training to ensure they can teach all their students effectively. TLC HOME ONLINE also has a big hiring drive in September but we do hire all year round as we accept students all year round.


Teacher in Paris: This involves teaching in a face to face setting with our students in the comforts of their homes. The students are between 5-18+. TLC Home students start their academic year in September and the number of students is limited to 550. This means that if you wish to teach with TLC Home our main hiring drive is September 1st. After September we do hire but we have fewer availabilities.


Teacher in Paris: This involves teaching in a face to face in a group setting of maximum 6 students in our After School Enrichment Program for primary school students (students are between 6-10). Our school is in the 17TH. This is a full time teaching job and we only have one place. The candidate would be someone who has a PGCE or equivalent and feels excited about teaching in a classroom setting. Also, the candidate chosen may have opportunities to become a Lead Teacher or even Center Manager. We are looking for someone in September.


Teacher: this involves teaching ONLINE in a group setting of maximum 6 students of the same age and English language level (students are between 6-10). This is reserved to experienced TLC teachers and for this post we only offer it internally.